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Safe'n'Sec Personal Pro + Rootkit Detector + AV

DETECTS behavior of malicious and infected with viruses software and BLOCKS their dangerous actions in real time mode
  • Controls system resources usage
  • Controls actions of ALL programs on your PC
  • Automatically isolates unknown programs
  • Prevents attempts of malware intrusion into your PC
  • Protects working documents on your computer from external access
  • Unique self-education mode adapts Safe'n'Sec running to the working style and habits of individual user
  • DETECTS rootkit behavior and BLOCKS malicious actions in real time mode
  • Recovers infected files and deletes known viruses

Developer: S.N.Safe&Software

Download (11062 K)
Price:35 $
Requirements:300 Mhz processor, 20 MB hard drive space, 64 MB RAM

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