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1. Application activation (launch)


1.1 What is activation and what is it required for?


Activation is a process of obtaining an Activation Key that allows running a protected application on a computer of an end user performing activation.

1.2 How can I run (activate) an application that requires activation?

The sole requirement for the activation of a protected software product is the presence of a (unique) Serial Number that a publisher supplies to each purchaser along with the product or separately from the product. The Serial Number is used to activate the protected application and is entered to a special field when running the application for the first time.

There are several ways to activate an application.

With access to the Internet on your (home) computer.


With access to the Internet on another computer.


Without the Internet connection.




1.3 What is a Serial Number? I cannot find a Serial Number.

It is a unique code applied to activate a product. At least one Serial Number defining the product license parameters is supplied along with each copy of a licensed product that requires activation.

1.4 What is a Hardware Code? I cannot find a Hardware Code.

It is a code that contains computer parameters and is used to activate and deactivate an application manually.

A Hardware Code is displayed (automatically) in the activation window after a Serial Number is entered.

1.5 What is an Activation Key? I cannot find an Activation Key.

An Activation Key allows running a protected application only on the computer of an end user performing activation.

An Activation Key is obtained depending on how you activate the application:



1.6 I have lost an Activation Key, what can I do??

If you lost an obtained Activation Key, you can obtain it once more on the website using the same Serial Number and the Hardware Code. If the Hardware Code is lost as well, you can obtain it from the support service by requesting a Hardware Code of the last (or another) activation of the Serial Number.


1.7 How can I run a protected application if I have modified the configuration of my computer after the application activation?


StarForce has developed the Deactivation technology for that (License Transfer technology). You can deactivate the protected application, modify the configuration of your computer, and reactivate the application then, without contacting a publisher's support service*.

The number of deactivations and reactivations is defined by the product publisher during the application protection.

For details on Deactivation

* The Deactivation technology operates starting with version 4.07.000.


2. Protection driver


2.1 Do the applications that require activation via the Internet use the protection driver?


No! Since such applications require no optical media in the drive and do not check the uniqueness of such media, they require no protection against optical drive emulators, and therefore, do not use special protection driver designed to work with optical media.

However, according to a publisher's choice, some applications can employ the protected container technology; the driver is used in this case.


3. Deactivation


3.1 What is the Deactivation and how does it work?


If you are going to change your computer hardware or reinstall the operating system, it is probable that the activated application does not run after that. To solve the problem, our experts have developed the Deactivation technology. In this case it is not necessary for you to contact the publisher of the protected application.

This process implies the transfer of the protected application to another hardware computer configuration, while saving the product license and the license parameters (unspent number of runs, the remaining license lifetime, etc.). The license transfer is performed by the application deactivation on a current hardware configuration and its reactivation on another configuration.

You obtain a Deactivation Code during the application deactivation; it is necessary to enter this code to the activation window to reactivate the application on this or another computer.

Deactivation process step by step instruction


4. General questions


4.1 Does protection of applications that require activation via the Internet prevent operation of any other programs installed on a user's computer?




4.2 Does the protection of such applications collect any information about the user or the user's computer without notification?


No! Collection of data on user's computer configuration can only be initiated by the user him- or herself, if there is a need to solve some technical problem. Such information is sent to the protected product technical support.


4.3 Does the protection send any information about the user or the user's computer to the Internet without his/her knowledge?




4.4 Protection scheme used for my application does not support Windows XP 64 bit, Windows Vista or Windows 7. What can I do?


See this section of optical disc manual.

5. I cannot find an answer to my question!


Attention! If you encountered problems when running a protected application, and you need help from technical support, please contact us at .